Monday, July 8, 2013

Vernazza, An Italian Gem

 I have traveled all over the world, but have not been more impressed with the little town of Vernazza, Italy. Nestled on the Ligurian Sea in the region of La Spezia this town is part of what the Italians call the Cinque Terra. This little town bathed in it's traditional pastel colored buildings has been in existence since 1080. It was in fact an important port for the Genoa Republic in the 11th century A.D. Still a fishing village without any car traffic, this quaint town breaths life of the Italian charm one only dreams about.

 The cafes with brightly colored umbrellas start serving lunch early. You can sit and have a cappuccino, a slice of fragrant pizza & pasta, or a full Ligurian seafood meal.

 I caught a picture of the butcher who was taking a little break from inside his store. Upon hearing the click of the camera he promptly ran back inside his safe haven. But, isn't he adorable!!

We were in luck the day that we arrived. The traveling flower and herb market and shown up. It travels from town to town up and down the Cinque Terra. You could feel the excitement from the locals as the beautiful basil was unveiled from the vendor. I just imagined the restaurateurs making pesto for their homemade pastas! 

Anything you could ever want was on this main drag that made up the small town. We stopped in a small take-away pizza shop to eat fresh pizza. There were several gelato stores. My favorite flavor was Kit Kat. There were clothiers, grocers, cheese stores, meat stores. It was all there and more. I miss the cute town of Vernazza, and hope to return again someday!

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