Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Bon Marche Epicerie, Paris

Most girls love shopping for shoes, clothes, jewelry. My eye candy, however, is in the grocery store. I am a sucker for a gourmet grocery with displays that would melt your heart! I love it all; from veggies to canned goods. One of my favorite is La Grande Epicerie de Paris. It is an extension of the Bon Marche department store on the left bank of Paris. Housed in a different building, you can hop buildings quite easily!

I was able to snap a few pictures until the sandwich maker told me to STOP! It must have been classified information. Regardless, I captures the ever so beautiful couregettes, or round zucchini! And then there were the bags of marshmallows or guimauve in French! I brought some home!

 They had a dairy section like non other! Here are yogurts housed in terracotta bottles! There were 20 kinds of butter, and forget about the cheese! There were rows of canned and bottles items; jams, mustard, meats, and veggies! The bread section had bread with crust removed for tea sandwiches! The cookies and candy section had everything you could imagine.

The deli section had marinating meats, olives, cheeses, pate and terrines. There were sandwich makers, Hot food counters, rotisserie chickens, fresh petite fours and cakes, mousses, and creamy confections! One of my favorite items I bought was a designer bottle of diet coke! I looked very chic drinking it I am sure! I can't wait to go back!

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