Sunday, March 3, 2013

Nevada Reading Week

This week was Nevada Reading Week. Our school had a ton of activities for the children to participate in. Each class was given a set amount of pages to read for a heated competition to win a Subway sandwich party. My 9 year old took it upon himself to single handily win the party for the class. On his first day he read the 500 pages that were given for the entire week. Bursting through the door, he ran upstairs to read, read, read way into the night. Shall we just say,  Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series did the trick! He did not stop there though, he met the challenge given everyday after that as his teacher increased the number of pages. On dress up as your favorite character from a book my boy was...can you guess? Percy Jackson. He was so happy all day as he discovered that there were many other Percy Jackson young men walking around school too! How wonderful that in this age of computers and crazy technology that a paper book (and my son only likes paper books so he can turn the pages) can cause so much imagination, excitement, and motivation! Hurray for Nevada Reading Week!!

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