Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Tribute To The Truffula Tree

This year to honor Dr. Seuss, I made Truffula Tree cupcakes for my son's third grade class. In the story by Seuss, The Lorax the trees are described as having striped trunks with soft as silk tufts of hair at the top.
They are suppose to smell like butterfly the story says. I was not sure what butterfly milk smelled like, so I envisioned a sweet candy vanilla smell.

 My truffula trees were made with a cupcake mix I bought around Christmas time. The flavor was "hot chocolate". I now regret only buying a few of these! Rich creamy chocolate cupcakes were dotted with marshmallows. The cupcakes really did smell like hot chocolate!! The frosting mix was included, and it was a marshmallow topping. Sweet and sticky this made a great base for my trees!

I bought some striped straws last year from my favorite online baking store Fancy Flours! By cutting them in half, it made a perfect tree trunk! The top was the hardest part of all. Cotton Candy was my billowy soft as silk tree toppers! If you have ever grabbed cotton candy with your fingers, you will know it almost melts on contact. So a fork is required to gently pick up and form a little ball to stick on the tops of the straws. Knowing what I know now, I would have topped these in the classroom after arriving. The gentle breeze of the morning picked up the cotton candy tufts and started blowing them away. There were only a few casualties that were fixed after entering the building. The Truffulas were a hit with the kids as we read Dr. Seuss books! So much better than green eggs and ham!

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