Monday, February 25, 2013

A Trip To Alaska

 I have been absent for months! I can't believe how time has slipped away from me as I plugged away during the holidays. As my kids get older, I find that my life gets busier. But today I have been daydreaming about taking a trip. And when I do that, I always reflect upon some of the best trips I have had with my family.
The vacation I am thinking about today was the beautiful time we went to Potlatch Totem Park in Ketchikan, Alaska. Set on the waters of the Pacific in the pan handle of Alaska is Ketchikan. You can only arrive by plane or boat. Ketchikan is famous for the t.v. show "Deadliest Catch", where cold water fishermen go out and catch crab in the icy waters of Alaska's coast. Our trip, however, was spent eyeballing the tall totems at the Potlatch Park.

Our tour included a really fun walk through the woods learning about what kind of trees they use. Then we were able to lean about the different totems and the stories they tell. At the end of the tour the children of the group were asked to paint a block of wood that would be nailed to this dragon totem, their names and the date they were there forever placed on the dragon. A cool way to leave your mark in history!

All the totems were carved and hand painted beautifully. I loved the fact that they had not only ancient totems, but the tradition at the Potlatch Park are still being taught today in this tiny fishing village.

The lodge where the kids were painting looked just like an ancient house that the natives had lived in.
The colors were vivid and beautiful at the totem park. I'm dreaming of where I might go next!