Tuesday, October 2, 2012

San Miguel Mission

 While on a recent trip to Santa Fe, I came across a cute little church by our hotel. It had Santa Fe written all over it! This was San Miguel Mission, and unlike most of the small California missions up and down the Pacific Coast, this church was still active. In fact, the sign on the plaque outside said it was the Oldest Active Church in the U.S.!

 These are handmade bricks for the renovation of the mission. They are made from mud and straw. The San Miguel Mission was constructed around 1610 out of the same type of handmade bricks. The mission has had to be patched up several times during it's history. Once was in 1680 during the Pueblo Wars. The Spanish reconquest, however repaired the damaged mission in 1710. The original adobe walls are still intact and sheltered by additional layers of brick and mud.

 The mission was so beautiful with it's sacred cross atop the adobe structure. The bell rings every hour as well as to ring in the patrons for service.