Friday, February 17, 2012

I Like It Like That; The Marais

This is the time of year when the wind blows hard, it gives a little sprinkle, and grey clouds blow in and out dotting the azure blue sky. I heard a lady yesterday exclaim, "What happened to our Spring?!" What did happen to our Spring? Oh, wait lady, it isn't Spring. That is just the nature of February. The cold seems colder right before the months of March and April. And when the weather gets on it's "crazy", I am reminded of my trip to Paris with my sister a few years ago.  We stayed in the Marais; home of the Jewish quarter and the bohemian lifestyle. It is the Greenwich Village of Paris.

There were plenty of patisseries to walk to and my favorite Monoprix store. I would call it the Super Target of Paris. That is, if you are allowed to talk about Paris that way! Of all the grand shopping there is in Paris nothing beats walking into a grocery/clothing/hardware/make-up store. Simply the Monoprix.

 The oldest building in Paris is in the Marais, dating back to the 1400's! As well as the oldest city wall. I would always think, 'what was happening in the America's when this was built?' Oh, not much really! It was just being discovered by Columbus!

 Place des Voges, the royal court of the 16th century is also in the Marais. Now home to a couple of homeless folks, and a public park for everyone. That is where Victor Hugo's house is too! Not to mention the site of the old Bastille is just down the road. 

Las du Fallafel is in the Jewish part of the Marais. Some of the best food in the city! And don't forget Pain de Sucre that has lovely macaroons and homemade marshmallows! 

The WWII Jewish memorial is the in Marais along with the Picasso Museum and the Center Pompidou, the National Archives, and a scatter of other little museums. There is something to do every moment!

So bring on the clouds, wind, and rain and I will sit back and think about my blustery trip to Paris with my sister; the sounds of the city, the smells of the streets, and the enchantment of the moment. The Marais!