Friday, January 20, 2012

A Little Lamb's Ear

The first time I ever gave herbs any thought at all was when I visited the J. Paul Ghetty Villa in Malibu, CA. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the Ghetty Villa is home to ancient artifacts and gardens that are replicas of Roman Antiquity. The herb garden is the one thing that seemed to stand up and say, "hello!" The specific herb I loved the most was called Lamb's Ear.

It's green silver fuzzy leaves give Lamb's Ear it's unique name. It is a cousin to the sage that we all know and love in our stuffing and stews. I remember picking (shhh don't tell) a leaf or two. I still have them dried, but still fuzzy in a music box 20 years later! This lovely little plant flowers in the Spring white and purple tiny flowers. Bees love the thick fragrant stalks. Lamb's ear is usually used in children's gardens and as boarders in herb gardens that are in Mediterranean or moderately dry climates. It grows like crazy and can be hard to get rid of. I like it clumped with other purple flowering herbs like lavender. 

This cuddly herb is not really seen in our culinary delights, but it was used by the Greeks and Romans as an antiseptic, a pain killer, and as a soothing tea for an upset tummy. So, this Spring when you are adding new greens to your yard or pots grab some Lamb's Ear. It will make your garden!

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