Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Growing Your Own Sprouts

 Last Summer I had great fun going to different farmer's markets in all of my travels. One market had a vendor who sold only "Gourmet Sprouts". They were  $15 for a container! I choked and stood in line to get my container. Yes, there was a line. A line for sprouts? I usually find at these events that if there is a line, you had better jump in back of the last person and wait your turn. So, wait I did.

 When it was my turn a lady with little gloves started gingerly clipping in an organized manner different colors of sprouts. I found out that these sprouts were called "micro-greens". Micro-greens being a mix of veggies and herbs that were only aloud to grow to a "micro" state. What a way to eat broccoli! As the nice lady placed each bundle in the box she told me what they were. The one that really caught my eye was the Amaranth; a bright purple delicate sprout that I found is "delish" when used in broth type soups. 

 I figured out later that night who (besides me) would pay $15 for tiny greens that looked like they came off a soccer field! It dawned on me when my husband took me to dinner at Fresco in Salt Lake City that the line must have been composed of the gourmet chefs around town. On my salad of the day was a splash of micro-greens; those that I had bought earlier at the market. It then came to my attention that I did not need a farmer to provide such a "gourmet" item to enjoy. I could do it myself in my own pots on the patio. Since that experience I have found The Sprout People, a website where you can buy seeds and find tips on sprouting.

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