Friday, November 11, 2011

The Preparations

One of my favorite times of the year is November. The crisp air seems to whisper that the festivities should begin. This is the time that you want to get out your china, linens, candles and all other necessities for entertaining to make sure that they are in order. Last year I was able to go visit my in-laws for Thanksgiving, so I did not need to dig deep to find my items. Instead, I helped to manage the Thanksgiving table decorations for my sister-in-law. 

 There were linens that needed to be ironed, silver that needed to be polished, and boxes of china and crystal to be hauled up from the basement and washed. Twenty people needed some real estate at the Thanksgiving table, so we made place setting cards so all could have a delightful time. 

 Decorations were tree branches hung with many crystals. Small candles floating in glasses with rocks weighting the bottom grounded the table. The room glowed once everything was lit. The crystals danced around the room beckoning the guests to get their food and sit down. It was a wonderful time, and I can hardly believe that a year has come and gone! Now I am home, and entertaining for Thanksgiving. Time to get my table set!