Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Where Did The Summer Go?

 Ahhh! Where or where did my summer go? And half of September too? Aside from my failing and crashing computer, this summer has taken me around to many electrifying places. From Washington to Alaska, Vancouver to New Mexico, and Utah to California. I have had enough eye candy to spar me on for years to come! One thing that all of these beautiful places had in common was the ever so enticing farmer's market!

 I can't think of a place that does not have a farmer's market. Some have them with bakers, artisan cheese makers, and people who make crafts. Others are strictly for selling those veggies!

 I love to go to these markets to see what the local growers are trying to produce. It is almost like a treasure hunt. Some are straight up providers of your basic vegetables, others have in mind to grow organic produce. And then there is the enlightened farmer who wants to really make a difference. This is the person who grows heirloom vegetables. Those precious veggies that have been passed down for generations. Those that have not been cross-bread with other varieties. A person who grows this type of produce truly loves what they do, and wants to share it with the world.

 I always look out for the grower of the heirloom vegetable. I think the heirloom tastes better than other varieties. I also think it is a nice way to say, "thank you" when I buy the product of their hard work, talent, and love. Fall is a wonderful time to go to the local farmer's market's. October usually ends the market season with the harvest items such as pumpkins and apples. Unless, of course you live in Las Vegas, and the market season is just happening!