Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Summer Wedding

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of my niece. She is the daughter of my sister, the oldest grandchild in our family, the first of them to get married, and I must say I feel she is a wee bit like my own daughter since I only had boys! Never have I seen such a beautiful bride beaming with love and admiration.

My sister and her family live on an apple farm in Washington State. It is over an hour from any major "small" city, "and three hours from the "largest" city, Seattle. The day was perfect for a country June wedding! Everything was green, green, green. As a matter a fact, my niece chose her colors to be green and brown (brown being the groom's favorite color). She had simple table decorations that she made herself, and simple flowers that she arranged herself.

The food was beautiful; cupcakes, mini tarts, cookies, tea sandwiches, and more. The guests were well fed as they enjoyed the social event of the month!

My sweet niece decorated her cake herself with ivory frosting and antiqued hand pressed sugar buttons.

I stole a snapshot of the happy couple as they relaxed for a few brief moments before greeting more of their guests.


Sybil Guetersloh said...

Oh, how gorgeous! May they be as happy always as they were in your wonderful picture. The ideas Lindsey had were amazing. Loved them all.

Sybil Guetersloh said...

How absolutely gorgeous Lindsey and her groom looked. May they be as happy forever as they looked on their wedding day. What wonderful ideas such as the photos of loved ones in jars hanging from the trees. Unique, simple, charming and clever. Your pictures were delightful. I almost felt like I was there. Thank you so much.

Troi Nelson said...

Wedding magazine worthy! Great job on the pix, Tamsen.