Tuesday, June 14, 2011

And The Wedding Continues...

There were too many great moments and beautiful things to capture at this joyous event. I could not contain them in just one post. The loveliest was the bride's smiling face. I could tell she felt like a princess all day long!

The bride was not the only one who had a cake. Unlike the three tiered soft ivory wedding cake, the groom picked a Texas Sheet cake for his groom's cake. My sister set this up on an old fashion stove for anyone to just serve themselves....and they did happily!

These lemon curd tarts were so creatively decorated with tiny bees made from icing and almond slivers. They fit the country wedding theme perfectly!

A luncheon was held for the family members after the wedding, but before a reception. The tables were decorated with mismatched ivory plates and clear goblets of water. My niece made these adorable napkin holders from raffia and buttons.

To honor family members both past and present, wedding pictures were displayed in mason jars with a flame less tea light and hung from a tree. Arriving guests could stroll past and look at the happy couples.

Pictures of the bride and groom were hung in wooden frames suspended by soft silk ribbon on the back of the house.

Instead of a guest book, family and guests could put their fingerprint on a branch of this tree; writing their name. I put mine next to my sister whom I love dearly! This picture shows my 89 year old aunt putting her stamp of approval on the tree. She promptly asked for an alcohol wipe for her finger!

Towards the early evening a rain cloud threatened our celebration, however, it passed us by only getting us a tiny sprinkle.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Summer Wedding

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of my niece. She is the daughter of my sister, the oldest grandchild in our family, the first of them to get married, and I must say I feel she is a wee bit like my own daughter since I only had boys! Never have I seen such a beautiful bride beaming with love and admiration.

My sister and her family live on an apple farm in Washington State. It is over an hour from any major "small" city, "and three hours from the "largest" city, Seattle. The day was perfect for a country June wedding! Everything was green, green, green. As a matter a fact, my niece chose her colors to be green and brown (brown being the groom's favorite color). She had simple table decorations that she made herself, and simple flowers that she arranged herself.

The food was beautiful; cupcakes, mini tarts, cookies, tea sandwiches, and more. The guests were well fed as they enjoyed the social event of the month!

My sweet niece decorated her cake herself with ivory frosting and antiqued hand pressed sugar buttons.

I stole a snapshot of the happy couple as they relaxed for a few brief moments before greeting more of their guests.