Monday, May 23, 2011

The Vintage Home

It is popular these days to go thrift shopping to find a sweater, hat or brooch your grandma or great-grandma use to wear. I grew up thrift shopping with my family. I found an appreciation for antique lines, lace, dishes and clothes. As I grew older, I found a new appreciation for vintage homes.

The United States is scattered with vintage homes. Many are now buried in underprivileged neighborhoods, but there are areas where these cookie cutter homes are the pride and joy of a city. These small homes became in vogue in between WWI and WWII. There were several styles; Storybook, English Cottage, Tudor, French Eclectic, Spanish Revival, and Mission Style. They were so popular to buy during this time that those who bought them were up on the style and lingo of their homes architecture. Popular magazines of the day would write lengthy articles about the virtues of each type of house.

Although I have never owned such a home, I love to drag the neighborhoods they are in and wonder what the families were like who first lived there. These homes are a wonderful glimpse into our American Heritage.

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