Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lilacs Abound

The time of year has come for the sweet fragrant lilac to bloom. It stands all year in it's woodsy wardrobe only to show these delicate flowers but once a year for only four small weeks. The smell of the lilac is so intoxicating, and the cluster of flowers are welcome in any bouquet.

The lilac has been a staple in English gardens for centuries, but it was in the early 1700's that the bush was brought to the United States. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew lilacs on their estates. The popularity of the lilac grew so much in America that New York State in particular has the most lilac bushes in the world! It is in fact the state flower of New York.

So, I say bring on the purple, pinks, and whites of the lilac. Enjoy these short few weeks of fragrant bliss!

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