Saturday, May 28, 2011

I am sitting at my breakfast table this morning eating my breakfast and enjoying the site of my peony bouquet. I had to buy this bunch at my local Trader Joe's for only $7 yesterday; there were five in all. I had several successful years of growing peonies before I moved to my current zone 10 desert oasis. Peonies won't grow here. Zone 8 is the highest number that they can tolerate. When I left my home, I divided my different varieties and colors of peonies up and dispersed them to my neighbors (leaving of course the main plant at the house we sold). Whenever I go back to visit I get wonderful stories of how they are flourishing.

Peonies come in many different types of flowers that expert peony fanatics call their favorites; double ruffled, bombs, anemone, Japanese. There are bushy plants as well as tree varieties. The colors can range from deep purple, red, pink, white or yellow.

I like them all. Growing peonies and having them on my table makes me feel like I have an extravagant luxury in my home. Buying peonies from a florist can cost you an arm and a leg. I remember having them in my bouquet for my wedding. If you can grow them in your yard I highly recommend it. Two websites are great if you are looking for the starts; Klehm's Song Sparrow and Hidden Springs Flower Farm are the best to order from. I have, however, found them at the hardware store. Those seemed to be more reluctant to come up and flower though. Since I don't have the luxury of growing mine here.....I might just go spend another $7 today!

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Troi Nelson said...

I still remember the first time I saw peonies. I was 5, and my sister and I were flower girls in my aunt's wedding. She had a glorious bouquet of double white peonies, and I'd never seen such beautiful flowers.

I found a plant at our local nursery last year, put it in the ground, and it promptly wilted and appeared to die. Until this Spring when it came up again! It's a double white peony. It should make it in NoCal. ;o)