Thursday, April 28, 2011

Eyes On London

There is without a doubt nothing like it in the world. London is the sweetheart of Europe. Whether it be the history, architecture, parks, industry, art or people, London reins supreme in my humble opinion. I find it so ironic that all eyes are on London now with the royal wedding just days away, and I was there only a year ago for my tenth wedding anniversary.

How glad I am that we went last year because William and Kate picked our wedding day to get married on....April 29th. We stayed in the Kensington area not too far from the Victoria & Albert Museum and of course, Harrods! I remember walking across the Millennium bridge this exact day last year! So beautiful.

Nothing says London like Trafalgar Square. Some of my fondest memories were just sitting and enjoying the weather and people gathered. The National Gallery was not too bad either!

Another favorite memory of London were the dear old taxi cabs! The cabs were darling, and the drivers beyond expectations of English hospitality. I hope that we can return for another trip very soon....but not next year when the Olympics are on!

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