Saturday, March 5, 2011

Woman's Best Friend -- A Finer Thing

The 21st century has brought a new perspective to the finer things in our lives. Having stated in the title of my blog that I write about the "finer things" in life, I could not pass up the opportunity to tell about one of the finest things in mine. Many women in our century cherish designer shoes and purses. As a contrast, women of the 20th century found china, quilts, and lace as their items of vanity. I, myself, have a special finer thing. It is neither made of leather nor porcelain, but it is a breathing, living thing of my own vanity. It is none other than my French poodle, Mario.

We got him two years ago when my two boys went off to full-day school. Mario became my baby, following me around and needed love whenever he could get it. He is constantly spoiled by me. He has the finest food, crystal collars, and trips to the Paw Spa for blueberry facials. Many laugh at the vanity item in my life, but Mario is a spoiled bright spot. He is a true fine thing.


Troi Nelson said...

A super fine doggie! What a cutie ❤

Gotham Girls said...

He is adorable, totally worth the blueberry facial. This makes me miss Ignatius!