Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Scent of Paris

Last night while discussing which pair of pants would go with what shirt with the other moms at my boys school, I smelled something intoxicating. Usually I smell a scent and think, "YUCK!", and I remove myself as soon as possible. I started looking around to see where this beautiful smell came from. It was a cute young lady who had just entered the room. I asked her if she would not mind me asking what perfume she was wearing. What she said surprised me and made me laugh. It was Chanel's "Coco Mademoiselle".
I knew I liked it, because that was what I wear on my special occasions!

It made me think of a time when my sister and I were walking in the Marais of Paris one early Sunday morning when two lovely girls came jogging by. My sister said, "Ohhh, they even smell good when they sweat!". It was true. These girls smelled like a sweet perfume as they jogged by. Finding a perfumery in Paris is not hard to do. There are artisan master perfumers in tiny shops who can match a scent just for you. As hard as I tried, I sniffed and smelled my way in and out of shops in Paris and never found the right scent for me. When I got home my husband gave me a bottle of Coco Mademoiselle for our wedding anniversary. It smelled just like Paris to me. Just like those girls jogging by. Just like the snooty store clerks. Just like everything I thought Paris should smell like. Just like me! (and that lady at school)


Troi Nelson said...

My favorite, as well, for the past 8 years. Chanel's "Chance" is my second favorite. I wore this on our 25th anniversary trip to the Big Island. The smell was so intoxicating combined with the tropical Hawaiian florals that store clerks kept asking me what I was wearing.

The wonderful thing about French perfume is that it combines with your body chemistry and everything around you to create your own unique scent.

Sybil Guetersloh said...

My favorite scent - Boucheron. Smells like everything I would like to be.

Love and hugs from California