Friday, March 11, 2011

Cupcakes Again?

Cupcakes Again? Yes, I know that I have written several times about cupcakes, but I just can't wrap my mind around why we (and I) are so obsessed about these little cakes. They aren't just exclusive to the United States, but they are sweeping Europe as well! Even Paris has cupcakes. It is getting so ridiculous that there seems to be a cupcake establishment on every corner. Because there are shops everywhere one has to be careful about the quality and consumption of cake. These cupcake bakeries are not the Magnolia Bakery or Sprinkles that made this phenomenon happen. No. There are impostors, and a true connoisseur must be very careful where to shop!

A couple of weeks ago while in Pasadena, CA, I had an epiphany about cupcakes. I was eating one from a cupcake bakery called "Dots". Not to be confused with "Polkatots", another bakery in Pasadena. While eating my cupcake I realized that I have never had a cupcake where I liked the frosting AND the cake. Never! That got me to thinking if I could produce such a thing. These are my little cupcakes that I made. Cute little boxes from Fancy Flours. I found that even on my own I liked only the cake. So, I am still on the search for the perfect cupcake where frosting and cake are joined together in a happy union.


Put On The Day said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! And where did you get that box that looks like a house? - Lovely!

Tamsen Burk Reid said... is where I got the box. It is a little patisserie. I was thrilled when I found them!

Kerin said...

Good point about the cake and the frosting often not really going well together! I do have to admit though, I really like Sprinkles cupcakes. I ordered about 8 dozen of them for a surprise 40th birthday party for my husband.