Friday, February 18, 2011

The Art of Eggs

Eggs for the most part have gotten a bad reputation in the past 30 years. During the 1980's the health craze degraded the egg, inferring that it would put one at risk for heart disease by eating them. Thirty years later research has shown how untrue that is. In fact, eggs have many health benefits including large amounts of vitamin D, prevention of breast cancer, and brain stimulating amino acids. Although there are all of these great benefits to the consumption of eggs, I like them for just one reason! They are YUMMMMM!

I had always been a fan of eggs, but when I ventured off to Paris a few years back I found out the true meaning of what it meant to eat an egg. Here is a picture of my Croque Madame, a lovely grilled cheese made with brioche, gruyere cheese, and a fabulous egg resting on top. I still wonder today how on earth they cooked the whole egg and yet left the yolk in it's beautiful yellow, round, glistening state. Eating many of these as well as omelets, quiche, and a variety of other eggy dishes, I soon came to the conclusion that eggs should be cooked in BUTTER. Just as the French do it. It kind of takes away from all of the health benefits listed above, but butter and eggs must go together.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Spring Has Sprung....I Think

Enough of Winter already! While the country is in a deep freeze, we in Las Vegas are just starting to thaw out. We reached a bone chilling 32 degrees here in the desert. One day I was visiting Washington D.C., and it was 38. I came home to Las Vegas, and it was the same temperature!! So, in hopes of warmer weather, I broke out my cupcake stuff and started to bake.

I have been saving these little wrappers I bought from Fancy Flours long long ago. They were so cute like little flowers. These exude Spring!

My 6 year old son has fallen in love with Maraschino cherries! Thinking of that made me remember a box cake from my childhood, "Cherry Chip". An old classic. It tastes just like maraschino cherries.

Lastly I decorated with buttercream icing. These light airy cupcakes did the thing! Spring came to Las Vegas. I think it was my cupcakes!