Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sugar Cookies

Now that I am in full Christmas cookie swing, I had to write about the ever so notorious sugar cookie. I think sugar cookie have gotten a bad reputation in past years. There are many yucky sugar cookie recipes out there, so be careful when determining what kind of sugar cookie you want. For Christmas sugar cookies I like a dough that is sweet, smooth to roll out, easy to make cuts, and of course it holds the shape after being cooked. Further more, my husband likes crisp cookies, so crispy golden bottoms are a must. For such a cookie, I use Martha Stewart's sugar cookie recipe. It has been the only one that has not spread out on me.

Not everyone is going for the crisp cookie. My sister, for instance likes soft fluffy cookies with pink icing. Those types of cookie doughs are not for making cut out cookies. It is best to use for large rounds covered in an almond flavored royal icing with confetti sprinkles.

A few tips for getting a well-shaped sugar cookie is to work with the dough in small batches so that it does not get too soft on you. Roll out on a cold surface. To get as many cuts out of your dough as possible start from the most outer edge of the dough, and then work your way to the center. After cutting out your shapes remove excess dough from between the shapes. Flour a metal spatula to transfer the cut-out cookie onto the pan. Refrigerate the pan of cookies before putting them in the oven. They should be firm and cold to the touch.

A sugar cookie really is not anything if the decorations are not screaming "CHRISTMAS"! I buy all of my cookie making supplies from a great on-line store called "Fancy Flours". Their catalog is beautiful as well, and gives much inspiration to the aspiring baker. Every package comes with the contents wrapped in cute black polka dot tissue paper. The pants I used on this little sugar cookie boy is actually rice paper that you put over icing. This year I bought some edible "disco dust" to give my cookies an extra sparkle! Happy cookie making everyone!

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