Monday, October 25, 2010

Pretty Pansies

In an earlier blog post, I had stated that the geranium was my favorite flowering plant. Although that is true, I must say I have a particular fondness for the pansy. The pansy is a remarkable flower. It is part of the viola species. "Johnny Jump Ups" are the most common viola. Their flower is small and slender displaying two lavender petals on the top and three yellow petals blushed with purple on the bottom. People call them Johnny Jump Ups because if not contained they pop up everywhere, and can be a beautiful nuisance to some gardeners. I, myself, always welcomed their little faces.

The larger pansy was cultivated from the small viola species. The colors and faces range from deep blackish purples to bright orange. As a matter a fact, those are the pansies that I would plant for Halloween! The variety of flower can be big or medium, fluffy and frilly, or just plain and simple. I love the pansy because it really reminds me of a face. Perhaps it is a fond memory of the Disney cartoon, "Alice In Wonderland", where the flowers sing to Alice. Silly movie, who ever heard of a talking flower? Outrageous! Although, I did find myself talking to my pansies' little faces.

The most remarkable feature of a pansy, is that while they look delicate they are hardy. In snowy areas you are suppose to plant pansies in the chilly Fall. They don't mind being crushed under the mountains of snow during the Winter. When the snow melts, the pansy is the first flower to be seen. Even before the crocus, which appears in early February, the pansy lifts its head high. So, now is the time my fellow gardeners to peruse your local nursery and pick the pansy variety that you would like to greet you every day.

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