Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Sunny Sunday Afternoon

As I sit here on a quiet Sunday with the sun shinning and the breezes blowing, I am relegated to sneaking a pack of my son's mini oreos while sipping on a diet coke. What has my life come to? I can't help but think I would much rather be in Paris relaxing in a cafe.

I would not mind strolling the narrow streets to find luscious pastries in the windows; pinks and greens reminding me of a Marie Antoinette's silk gown. I mean, look at this beautiful Parisian macaroon cake! Filled with whipped cream it looks as if it could dance out of the store itself to the tune of the Viennese waltz.

I would love to find a quaint candy shop where I could get lost in the displays of shape and color. What about these precious marzipan petals and the marshmallow squares echoing a vibrant Spring flower. They taste as good as they look; the marzipan tender and sweet, and the marshmallows soft and gooy. Ahhhh Paris. I wonder if my husband has any frequent flyer miles!

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