Thursday, May 27, 2010

What Is The Best Thing You've Eaten?

It is a known phenomenon that for the past couple of years the world has been blogging about food. I am no exception. A recent article about people who take pictures of their food caught my eye this past April. "First Camera, Then Fork" was featured in the New York Times displaying examples of people who keep a food diary by way of their blogs. The article made me realize that I have not been so crazy these past few years documenting my favorite foods. I have to say, that in my many travels I have the opportunity to eat many enticing foods and dishes. One of my very favorite sweets is of course, the French Macaroon! Trader Joe's here in the U.S. has them frozen in a chocolate and vanilla variety box. You can order them from MadMacs out of NYC, having them shipped right to your door. The very BEST macaroons, however, are those from Pierre Herme in Paris. These are my three little macs from Pierre Herme that I promptly gobbled down after I took the picture.

French Bread is another weakness of mine. There is nothing like eating a baguette from France, but I will settle for any artisan bread if I am going to eat a sandwich.

Cheese. Need I say anything more? I am a lover of cheese! Hard or soft, stinky or mild. Yummmm!

One of the best dishes I have ever eaten was this one; scallops in a butter sauce, roasted tomato, and a zucchini souffle. I had this on the Ile de Cite in Paris.

But, the most memorable dish EVER was a green bean salad adorned with shaved French pate and sprinkled with a light vinaigrette. I could have stopped my meal with just this dish...but I didn't! :) So, what is the best thing you have ever eaten?

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