Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Portobello Road

If I told many people that I visited Portobello Road they would think that I had gone to a unique farm that harvested those large spongy brown mushrooms; the kind that vegetarians use as burgers because they think they are "meaty".

Portobello Road, however, to those who have traveled a little would know that it is a quaint area in London. It is set in the Notting Hill district. The 1999 film, "Notting Hill" with actor Hugh Grant was filmed on the street.

On Saturdays Portobello Road features the largest antiques market in the world. Recently, my husband and I went to London. We both love to go antique shopping. The Portobello Market on Saturday was one of the highlights of our trip.

My husband was looking at old prints, clocks, and paintings. I went to look at silver and lace. There were plenty of goodies to look at.

As the market got into full swing, the food vendors emerged. There were bakery items, vegetables and meats.
Specialty foods included large pans of paella being cooked on huge butane burners, nutella crepes, and Lebanese shawarma spits.

If you can't find anything you really would want to buy, there is a myriad of people that you can watch; whether it be merchants or buyers.

Our trip to the famous market lasted the entire Saturday morning, but it only yielded some lace and a few spoons. We had to be practical about what we could carry back after all. It was truly a great shopping experience, and a wonderful memory to share. If ever you get to visit London, make sure to visit the Portobello Road.

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