Wednesday, May 5, 2010

One of my favorite flowers is the geranium. It is a common flower that one can spy in most gardening centers, and most certainly it is a favorite of the European window boxes. With it's brightly colored flowers, it paints Spring and Summer gardens in shades of reds, pinks, whites and even periwinkle. What I love mostly about this plant is that you can use it alongside your herbs when you get a gourmet burst of inspiration.

The geranium is in the Pelargonium family. There are 422 different types of the geranium. It is originally an African plant. It tolerates the heat quite well, but don't fret if you forget to water it and it looks dead. Just pick off the old leaves and add water. As it is a perennial, it does go dormant in the Winter. My mother lets her's dry in a paper bag hanging upside down in her basement. In the Spring she adds some water and some "miracle grow". In a few weeks beautiful flowers are gracing her porch.

The scented variety are wonderful used in salads or desserts. There are hints of apple, lemon, mint or rose. Here is a recipe from Martha Stewart that uses the leaves to line a tea cake. Other fun recipes can be found on the Internet.

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