Monday, April 19, 2010

Vegan Cookie Experiment

Seven years ago I fed my sweet baby something that I had loved as a child. It was none other than Nutella, the fabulous chocolate & hazelnut spread from Europe. We use to eat it on bread or just off of a spoon. It was such a treat! So, when I gave my then 15 month old son a lick of the gooey spread he broke out in hives and started choking! I never thought of an allergy to nuts! He had eaten peanut butter before. I gave him benedryl and rushed him to the doctor. I then found out that there are TREE nuts and PEAnuts. Peanuts are not nuts, but legumes, and although a good percent of America is allergic to them there is an entire group who is allergic to tree nuts. In the past years of my little one growing up I have often thought of having a cookie business that was nut free; both peanut and tree nut. I also thought it would be nice if they were gluten free, and vegan as well. Starting with brand new equipment the little shop could be free and clear of the allergens. I still have not found a tasty alternative to all of those. Today, however, I found a vegan cookie dough in the cold section at Whole Foods; "Eat Pastry" out of California.
You'd think with my nasty sloppy joe results I would have never tried another mix again in my life. But alas, I could not resist. I love buying products from entrepreneurs. I am here to tell you that this one was good! VERY good. You can eat the dough right out of the jar because there are not any eggs! Yummm. The dough was great, and the cookie crunched on the outside but was slightly soft on the inside. I say, "Give it a try".

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