Thursday, February 11, 2010

My True Love on Valentine's Day

I hate to say this, but my true love on Valentine's Day is secretly a box of Recchiuti Chocolates. Recchiuti is an artisan chocolate shop in San Fransisco. The first time I ever received a box was for Christmas a couple of years ago. My husband, knowing that I love gourmet chocolate, surprised me with a little box.

When Valentines came around the next year my honey asked me what I wanted. I told him..., "another box please." Sure enough there was another box. This time it was bigger so I would share. He also bought a yummy little box of key lime infused chocolate covered pear slices. YUM!

The box comes with a carefully thought out map of each chocolate. This one was a sesame nougat.

Recchiuti suggests that you take your time in eating the chocolates with a bottle of fresh spring water. It is best to let the bite of chocolate melt on your tongue.

This one is a chocolate with a pink peppercorn. So inviting, and yet so scary! After a few years of getting my box of chocolates I can say for sure that my favorites are the Fleur de Sel Caramels.

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