Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's All In The Jam

I am a jam aficionado of sorts. Several years ago I really got into buying the freshest produce and making my own. When I went to Paris I discovered these beautiful jams by and artisan jam maker from Alsace, Christine Ferber. Christine is not only the master jam artist, she has two books out as well, Mes Confitures & Mes Tartes. She uses the best regional ingredients, she sticks to true French recipes that use unusual items to Americans such as violets, lavender or roses. I am eating this lovely tiny bottle right now that has violets in it. It is heaven, and I use it for only the best occasions...on myself. Once I caught my husband about to make a pbj for my little boy with it. Tsk, tsk!

Christine's jam can not be found in America. AT ALL! So, to me these little jam pots are like gold. They taste the BEST on crunchy french bread....from France. I have thought about sending away to Poilane Bakery in France for bread. They ship all over the world. The bread ships FedEx over night...well I think it works out to be about three days by the time it is baked until it gets to your door. M. Poilane says that it takes three days for the true taste of the bread to come out anyway.... Sure it does. I liked it just out of the oven when I was in France myself.

Something I do recommend with jam, butter, and crunchy french bread is have a cup of hot chocolate. I brought this bag of hot chocolate mix back from Paris. Andgelina's is a famous tea house where you can get this wonderfully thick hot chocolate and a sinfully sweet pastry to go with it.

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