Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cupcakes Again!

I know that I have posted about cupcakes before, but I just can't resist! It happens every so often when I get the craving for a GOOD cupcake. I mean just look at these little cuties! These are from Cakes de Fleur in Salt Lake City, UT. Aren't the little flowers precious! The butter cream frosting is to die for! I personally think the vanilla butter cream is much better than the chocolate butter cream. Cakes de Fleur also sells beautiful cakes. They sell them in a little store called "The Store", a little local grocery.

This cupcake is from So Cupcake in Holiday, Utah. She flavors all her icing, and maybe her cakes too with almond extract. When I go to this place I have to sneak them because my son is allergic to tree nuts, and although almond extract is really made from an apricot kernel, many who have tree nut allergies have a reaction to apricot kernels as well -- almonds are in the same flowering family species as the apricot tree -- go figure. All the allergy boringness set aside....just look at that close-up! those little sprinkles in the midst of that fluffy icing!

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