Sunday, October 18, 2009

What Was I Thinking?

Have you ever gone on a trip, looked back at your pictures, and said, "Why did I not eat that?"
Well that is exactly what happened to me when I got back from Paris last March. Look at these pastries! What was I thinking passing them by? Did I think a picture would make me feel good? Take for instance that beautiful cupcake looking thing with the sqiggly lines across it. That is chocolate cake with Chestnut sugar paste piped over the top! Mmmmmm! What was I thinking? Maybe I was thinking that I had just had a hot chocolate at Angelina's! Or how about that raspberry number with the powdered sugar on top? And seriously what WAS I thinking when I did not buy that chocolate mound of heaven? Perhaps I was on my way somewhere, and did not want to carry it. Maybe it was just too far to take back to my hotel. It could have been that I was just too timid to take a stroll into the shop. Most likely it was a combination of all of those reasons.

Now, I dream of those pastries that I long to eat.
I keep saying to myself..."When I go back I will eat my way through Paris".

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