Sunday, August 31, 2008

Planting Peonies

Yes, it is just about that time of year when you plant peonies, or if you have existing plants you may divide them up to replant or share with a neighbor. This is a picture of my Sara Bernhardt that was taken last Spring. Where do you get peonies? A good source has been given many times by Martha Stewart. Klehm's Song Sparrow is a wonderful nursery in Wisconsin.You order bare root peonies in the Summer, and they ship them when it is time to plant according to your climate zone. Another good source, I am afraid and embarrassed to tell you, is Walmart. Yes, I know! I do sneak in there during bulb season. A couple of years ago I bought several for five dollars each. I just could not resist the price! They did nothing for two years. Not even a peak out of the ground. Then one year I did not get all of my leaves cleaned up in the Fall. They mulched all Winter. When I gently raked the wet leaves away in the Spring, there they were. Infant peonies! Only one shoot. I wondered if they would ever flower. They did -- one flower each. Many nurseries in the Spring will have peonies in large buckets already to go into the ground for the big flower show. They usually are extremely over price. If you have an adventure to choose exotic plants, and want to have sure luck, I would shop on-line at Khelm's Song Sparrow. If you have the time to nurture a cheap bare root that may never do anything, shop at a store like Walmart. If you are in a hurry for beauty in your Spring garden, spend the money and buy the plant that is ready to flower. No matter how you get peonies in your garden, you can rest assured that you will be amazed at the powerful beauty that will hopefully grace your home.

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