Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Flowering Herbs

I love it when herbs flower. You do not think of them as a flower when you
buying them either fresh at a market or perhaps in a dry tin at the store. I think some of the most magnificent flowers actually come from herbs.

For instance, the purple frilly chive flower is not only beautiful, but if eaten has a strong bite to it. Some can even make your eyes tear up! The echinacea flower comes in many colours. My favorite is a velvety purple colour. Rosemary makes a beautiful blue little flower, while we all know how the purple flower of the grey lavender brings the essence of relaxation. Anyone can have an herb garden. I have had one on a patio three stories up, in containers on a porch, and also in a lush garden setting. Wherever the place may be, let those herbs bloom instead of snipping them all the time. After they flower they will seed. You may save the seeds in an envelope. If you have a nice garden just shake the plant, and let the seeds fall wherever they may. Enjoy this last bit of Summer and the beginning of a new Fall.

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