Thursday, July 31, 2008

Canning Pears

This is the time of year when I can pears. I started canning a few years ago when I was able to have access to fresh fruit that was picked locally just the day before. Pears are one of my favorite. It is a little time consuming, and a bit messy, but it is all worth it in the end. You know a perfect pear when there is a slight blush on one side of it. They bruise very easily, so handel them gently. After skinning the pear, I dip it in citrus water bath so they won't brown. I then cut it in half, and scoop out the middle with a melon baller. It is necessary, but tricky, to pack the fruit in the jars as tightly as you can without mushing the pear. Packing the fruit tightly helps the fruit to not float to the top during the processing time. The best book I have found for canning is the "Ball Complete Book of Home Canning."

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